Phone Listings From Area Code 240-288 State Of Maryland

  • Area Code : 240-288
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Nationsline, Inc. Md
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Thurmont
  • County: Frederick

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Latest Comments for 240-288

July 11 6:25 am
You Seriously are very butt hurt which means everything people have posted here publicly about you scammers must be all true since it seriously enrages you so much. Youre Very Seriously angry about the truth. But seriously, not taking you seriously with all your posts filled with ranting nonsense and madness. You seriously need help. Call for help, seriously.

July 21 8:26 pm
To stop the calls just put this number in your call block list this way 000 000-0 this will stop all of those kind of calls.

July 5 9:21 am
I answered a call from this number it was listed as wireless caller. At first all I heard was background noise sounded like a bunch of young guys laughing and playing around. A second later a male voice came on the line and asked to speak to Mrs. Mustafa. I said sorry wrong number. He quickly corrected himself by saying oh this list is messed up Im looking to speak to the home owner. I said sorry they arent available and they are renters. He suddenly said oh theyre renters then I dont need to speak to them. I figured its one of the many home repair/energy calls we get a week.

July 30 4:17 pm
I signed up for one free survey online, and they keep calling me. They never stop. I do not like them, they ignore the DNC list. Filing complaints does nothing. These sociopaths will never stop calling you.

August 23 6:57 pm
They are trying to scam you by saying you qualified for a voucher worth $100 that you can go and redeem at WalMart, Home Depot, and several other places. Then they tell you that you need to pay just a small shipping and handling fee for them to send the voucher to you of only $2.93. Basically, it is just a way for them to try and get your information and your credit card number.

July 12 4:53 am
Sneaky way to get all sorts of personal info!

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