Phone Listings From Area Code 301-896 State Of Maryland

  • Area Code : 301-896
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Verizon Maryland, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bethesda
  • County: Montgomery

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Latest Comments for 301-896

July 3 6:59 pm
I got contacted by the same guy except he was calling from an ohio number area code 330.This is the contact info he sent me to ship my camera to his brother in africa.Ola Gyimah, P.O. Box NK 432Nkawkaw-kwahu, Ghana0244557755He asked if I had paypal so he can pay for the camera.Good thing I looked up this address to find out it was a scam!

August 7 10:20 am
was CBV Collection pretending to be a friend...just harrassing collection agent using different numbers

August 24 3:30 pm
Simple solution! If you have a service where you can forward individual calls to other numbers (e.g. Time Warner phone) then simply pick a number to have the calls forwarded to. In my case, I have calls forwarded to the town dump, other bill collectors, the FBI, The State Police, a brothel in Arizona and finally, a mental hospital. Any one of those options WORK! If the same number tries to call me again, depending on my selection, they may be able to make a date with a hooker or talk to the FBI! In any case, I NEVER hear from them again because the calls are automatically forwarded!

July 2 9:14 pm
They reyna trick ppl lol they bogus

August 24 4:48 pm
Kept getting calls never left a message so I called back: wca subscriber services... listened to the menu press one to unsubscribe your number then they go into a schpeel about "the great benefits of being a subscriber" press two to unsubscribe if your sure and I'm no longer on the call list... I hope!

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