Phone Listings From Area Code 302-329 State Of Delaware

  • Area Code : 302-329
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Cavalier Telephone, Llc (mi...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Milton
  • County: Sussex

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Latest Comments for 302-329

July 29 8:30 pm
Caller asked if I was Ann, I said yes, whos calling? And they hung up. Very disturbing.

August 13 4:31 pm
outsourcing im so mad i cant think straight...

August 8 9:29 pm
that is exactly my situation, im married and my spouse is super jelous. i called my phone company and they told me that someone had hacked into their system and that all customers were recieving wierd text messages. they advised not to call that number because they were trying to scam. no matter how stupid of offensive those text messages are, do not respond. call you phone company and report them.

July 15 7:21 am
I want them to stop calling and texting

August 16 3:00 pm
Its a scam. Most likely Nigerian since those are the most common. What I'd do is report this to the Western Union and then your local police to see if you can get a tap on the line to get the exact location of the number and if they are inside the USA more than likely something will be done.

July 24 5:52 pm
My husband has received several calls from this number(on his cell phone). He just hangs up on them. The other day I answered it for him. The lady asked to speak to my husband, I told her that he wasn't talking to anyone until he knew who the were. She refused to tell me who she was with. Then had the nerve to tell me that I was very rude and needed to grow up.

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