Phone Listings From Area Code 334-498 State Of Alabama

  • Area Code : 334-498
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Powertel Birmingham License...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Dothan
  • County: Houston

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Latest Comments for 334-498

August 21 12:03 am
Thanks for the info! I havent even called them back because I was sure it was a scam. Earlier this year I got scammed and now I am on the watch for it, but sometimes it is so hard to tell. Thanks again!

July 24 12:12 pm
they say they save you money by purchasing the energy from the open market at a lower price and put you in a variavle rate and its start on yor second billing cycle after they contacted you ... after 6 months your bill will go up the roof ... a friend of mine worked there and explain this to me however she also mention that you have to sign a paper stating that you wont provide information about the comapny to none else . weird why wouldnt you be proud of what you do and be happy explainning people what your company its all about ... if this is real and really saves you money why hide .

August 28 12:31 pm
Automatic machine called from this number

July 26 6:43 am
Called me for the first time... I didn't answer it, since I don't recognize that area code...

August 11 6:40 am
SAVE NUMBER AS SCAM.  Don't answer anymore.  Report to attorney general in CA.  This is same group calling out of Washington state, # 206-629-9392.  I called owner of phone company in WA today and he said they aware of it and that it has been reported to the right people.

August 30 11:00 am
Call 877-646-7319, they will stop the calls.

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