Phone Listings From Area Code 402-867 State Of Nebraska

  • Area Code : 402-867
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Windstream Nebraska, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Murdock
  • County: Cass

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Latest Comments for 402-867

August 30 3:33 am
I posted my sony tablet on craigslist and got a text from a man by the name of emmanuel james. email for his brother is in Ghana on a trip so he wanted me to ship it there for his bday. I DID. we used paypal, i kept getting emails from paypal saying they messed up and took the wrong amount so he wanted me to wire $250 dollars to his brothers account so i did then the next morning they said there was another mistake and that i needed to wire $371 dollars to his brother. i thought this was strange) i kept emailing back paypal asking for a contact number and they would not give it to me so i found a number online and called, and IT WAS A SCAM! since i shipped the tablet, we cannot cancel it even though it hasnt left the U.S. so i am out of a $300 tablet and $250 dollars. western union said we may be able to get the money back. Names involved: Ola gyimah, dauda tunde azeez, emmanuel james. phone numbers used: (234)-206-1854 and (516)-535-9239BEWARE!

July 1 12:19 am
no sweetheart cause I got T Mobile and they do the same thing to me

August 26 8:55 pm
If you signed up for voice alerts from chase, then this is the number they will call you from

July 19 10:21 pm
say she going. to beat me up

August 9 1:54 pm
After several calls yesterday, decided to do something.  Called Stonebridge and got their office in Plano.  I told them the number was coming from Weehawken, New Jersey, they had no idea what I was talking about. Got transferred to their Northern division.  There was no record of my number in their system.  Spoke with a supervisor and he said he had no idea what the number went to and that it sounded like somebody trying to get personal information.  They  (New Jersey number) called again today and I answered.  The sales person said they were teaming up with JC Penny and Stonebridge to offer accidential death insurance.  I told them about Stonebridge not knowing who they were and they said Stonebridge contacted them directly to offer this death insurance.  I asked them to quit calling me.  We will see.

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