Phone Listings From Area Code 508-463 State Of Massachusetts

  • Area Code : 508-463
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Xo Massachusetts, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Marlborough
  • County: Middlesex

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Latest Comments for 508-463

August 7 6:51 am
Im also getting these calls about 10 time a day, it started about a week or so ago..

August 20 8:19 am
I wish I had not put my number on the do not call list. Putting my # on that list was like signing up to receive more calls! Its ridiculous.

August 25 1:53 pm
Agreed. The problem is---the laws which are in place to protect us are woefully antiquated and have not kept up with the explosion of technology, which these scamsters use to commit their crimes. All one can do is access a call blocking device and/or service to discourage them from calling. We subscribe to a call blocking service through our ISP, which automatically blocks selected numbers and basically tells these callers to GET LOST. After a while they finally give up and move on to another target.

August 2 8:38 am
I have been on the do not call list for 5 years and renew frequently. If a person / company chooses not to comply with the do not call registry then you will get calls from them. You cannot report a number that is unavailable (blocked) or bogus 000-000-0. The do not call list has pretty much become an abject failure. Here is a good article about the effectiveness of the do not call registry and details on what I have summarized. ... list-even-work/

August 1 10:41 am
I received the following text on 1-27-2012: Michael yOu have been selected to receive a FREE $50 Target Gift voucher Call 1-877-552-3584 to redeem. TXT STOP TO STOP

August 12 7:00 am
This EXACT thing happened to us today as well.  They said we had signed up and that we still owed money but that they would do us the favor of cutting 6 months off of our remaining 36 month contract.  I put my husband on the phone and when he kept pushing saying that we never ordered these magazines, the woman said, "How do you know?"  Implying that for some reason, I would lie to my husband about ordering Time magazine... He told the woman it sounded like they were running a scam.  She said they'd put us on their Do Not Call list.  I'm thinking that if someone owes you money, you're not going to appease them by not calling.  They had the last 4 digits of our Navy Fed credit card and my cell phone number.  We reported it to Navy Fed right away and they said they'd received many similar complaints, and it is being investigated.  In the mean time they are issuing us all new cards with new numbers.  BEWARE!!!

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