Phone Listings From Area Code 510-256 State Of California

  • Area Code : 510-256
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : O1 Communications, Inc. Ca
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Hayward
  • County: Alameda

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Latest Comments for 510-256

July 13 1:59 am
661-748-0240Its disgusting brutal phone scamming. What a waste of life. Keep away, just hang up and forget it.No offense meant toward the people of India, but this guy had the accent.

August 15 12:00 am
Female claimed to be from Windows technical support.When I accused her of not being true she hung up.

July 27 7:03 pm
not my account I wont. I have blocked any and all third party billers from attaching any bills to my phone bill. If they do, Verison gets to deal with paying them etc. I dont have to worry about these fools doing any such thing because I never answer their calls. No fool here!

August 30 4:48 pm
This bears repeating:The Devil can cite Scripture for his purpose, and so can the scammers. Moreover, they tend to post pictures of elderly women who are in hospital beds looking very ill and not long for the world (photos stolen from websites of clinics, med schools and nursing homes). Think about it - if you were an elderly woman, would you want to post a pic of yourself ill in bed or looking your worst? Of course not! Yet the scammers have no qualms about posting such dire photos to tug at your heart strings and open your wallet.

July 6 8:22 pm
I got the same exact message sent from same number and told to call same 877 number. However, I did not respond to it. I haven't received any more after that one. So maybe it's Better to not respond to the text just delete it. Also anyone else think its strange thi site ask u to type letters o prove you're. Human. Lol

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