Phone Listings From Area Code 603-345 State Of New Hampshire

  • Area Code : 603-345
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : United States Cellular Corp...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Merrimack
  • County: Hillsborough

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Latest Comments for 603-345

July 8 9:59 pm
I just received a call from Sheila Anders from this very number. Unlike most of the other complaints here, my company has been operating for over a decade. First off, no government agency will call at 8 PM on a Friday unless its law enforcement-related or youve made specific arrangements ahead of time. Second, they will not call back after you hang up on them and insult your level of education, telling you to shut up and listen. Third, DO NOT EVER FILE BOC3 WITH ANYONE YOU DO NOT KNOW. The BOC3 is to allow the receipt and filing of legal documents in each state; my company has already made arrangements with various local agents. Im holding a copy of our BOC3 in my hand as I speak, and all the lines are filled out (even Hawaii, where we never actually drive cargo).This is a scam. All of the above posts from people claiming to be on the side of Ms. Anders are sockpuppet accounts to support her fraud. If you do need a local agent in California to be your BOC3 agent, a simple Google search turns up more reputable companies, some of whom even do a better job explaining what a BOC3 form is than the Feds.

August 3 8:12 am
Got a message saying we are friends on FB and to text (405) 657-5908 to make sure Im for real. how do I stop these random texts? Thank you.

July 30 6:51 am
no one says anything when I say hello!!!

August 17 8:34 am
I have learned to trick them. When they ask me (in spanish) if I  speak it. I respond with another language they don't understand.  I'm French (naturalized American and damn proud of it) it infuriates me when they call .  Especially  when I know they all speak english when they want to. So--- next time, when they say something,  answer with--Parler vous Francais?  or  I know how to say the next two but not sure of the spelling. Fala Portugese?  or  sprkenze doitch? On line, look for a translater, it will help you decide which language to use. It really makes them wonder what's going on!!!!!   Try it it works for me.

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