Phone Listings From Area Code 651-528 State Of Minnesota

  • Area Code : 651-528
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Brooks Fiber Communications...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Saint Paul
  • County: Ramsey

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Latest Comments for 651-528

July 15 5:54 pm
Thanks for mentioning Microsoft. I got a call from this 213-457-4056 number showing on my caller ID as California just 30 minutes after getting a call from an in state number, 978-969-1273shown as Massachusetts which called me well. I answered the phone yesterday and a woman with an heavy accent mentioned Microsoft. I hung up as soon as I realized it wasnt a relative but if I had been faster on my feet I would have loved to allow her to go through her spiel about how she knows my Microsoft computer has bugs, then inform her I have a Mac. But I wontget the chance because I simply wont pick up. Thank you for the heads up. I love this site and the people who contribute helpful information.

August 11 9:09 am
After a ton of calls and then friends and family getting calls I decided to contact the police. Was told this company is buying charged off credit cards from years ago and harassing people for the money along with interest. Im not sure if they are real names, real officer but was told they have been harassing a lot of people in my town. I filed a report with the police and if any thing further happens the officer said we will take the next step.

July 7 5:47 pm
Recorded message about saving money. Didn't really listen to it

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