Phone Listings From Area Code 702-358 State Of Nevada

  • Area Code : 702-358
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Nextel Communications, Inc.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Las Vegas
  • County: Clark

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Latest Comments for 702-358

July 1 10:59 am
What info did you give her? I only gave her my email adress and got the fake paypal email requesting the shipping number for deposit..which i never shipped it but am hoping she cant hack into anything just from that.

August 20 8:44 pm
Just got a call from them and when I refused to do what they said he told me to go to hell and hung up on me. I get these calls twice a day and each time they are more rude! Last time they wanted me to take the battery out of my cell phone and give them the number on the bottom of my phone!

July 19 10:34 am
Keeps calling asking for a Whitney

August 28 10:44 am
This is a business that offers really good health benefits and insurance at a very low cost.

July 7 10:37 am
Keep calloing I don't know who this person is

July 16 10:14 am
Caller ID said "DCS Inc", which I looked up later and it seems to be some collection scam, listed in several sites as a scavenger collection agency.  They have called several times looking for the same person, who I have never heard of.  They offered a phone tree response system, with the final option of telling them they have a wrong number for the person they want.  If you choose it, you are put on hold for a stupid amount of time to "speak to a customer service representative."  I tried to wait it out to see exactly what this "customer service representative" might have to say and to tell them to leave me the hell alone, but then it disconnected. I expect they'll call back again and again and again. Jerks.

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