Phone Listings From Area Code 773-373 State Of Illinois

  • Area Code : 773-373
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Illinois
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Chicago
  • County: Cook

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Latest Comments for 773-373

July 20 1:07 pm
I got the same annoying call and when I told him he was running a fraudulent scam he hung up on me!! I completely agree with your post!

August 17 10:42 am
That is cool, I think I will do that.

August 11 5:22 am
I answered thinking it was someone else and they were talking sweet to me, as if they knew me. I answered as a was half asleep and thought it was my boyfriend, but I finally realized it wasn't and hung up. It was really creepy, so be careful, I wouldn't answer it if I were you.

July 2 3:40 pm
Called at 14:53 (PST). --"Calling about the recent online survey you took." --Ummm, cool. Which survey would that be? --"::click::"

August 6 1:58 am
Not sure if one of those LOAN MODIFIERS or Dept Consolidaters, but they shouldnt call someone that only owes on their house has everything else paid off and has been paying 9 years on a fixed loan....they should know the status of who they call and stop bothering propably a scam anyhow for someone who really does need help.  If someone really needs help they will call themselves a repretable company!

August 23 8:09 am
They call way too often. They are also rude. I think they actually believe that this is a deal. They talk to me as if I am crazy for passing it up. This is annoying.

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