Phone Listings From Area Code 775-748 State Of Nevada

  • Area Code : 775-748
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Citizens Telecomm Co Of Nv...
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Elko
  • County: Elko

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Latest Comments for 775-748

August 24 11:11 pm
9/13 9:56 PDT Tried again this AM. Unfortunately call blocker isnt working, but fortunately was out when they called. Went to voicemail and left several seconds of dead air.

August 5 3:38 am
I have received the same thing twice this week. Once I answered just because I was curious what lame company had a 000-000-0 number and all it was was silence and finally a recorded goodbye. Today I let it ring when I saw the same number on the caller ID and the same thing is now on my answering machine.just a pause and then Goodbye. So strange.

July 5 5:42 pm
I dont know whether to thumb up or thumb down your post. Could you please either provide the English translation or repost in English.Thanks so much

July 11 2:40 pm
I just got a call tonight, and I dont answer these 1-800 numbers because more often then not they are trying to get me to sign up for a payday loan and if I dont answer they call back and threaten me that is what happened with this number 1-802-961-6856. It is a lady named Sarah Johnson, and they want my to call back otherwise my licence will be suspended and or my wages will be garnished. do not call them back, scam scam scam.

August 7 8:13 am
Telemarketer for health insurance or some nonsense like that...

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