Phone Listings From Area Code 802-898 State Of Vermont

  • Area Code : 802-898
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Telcove Of Vermont, Inc. Vt
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Warren
  • County: Washington

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Latest Comments for 802-898

August 22 1:13 am
No political calls and surveys are under the same do not call restrictions. I recommend the national do not call registry, but there are solicitors who will still call, but at least it is minimized.

July 8 2:39 pm
They are also getting e-mails. We got the robo call, and about 3 weeks ago there was similar message in my husbands e-mail. Dont fall for anything. We dont do business with BofA except for a loan. What really gets you is that the recording says that you participated in a transaction from your address. Makes you wonder for a minute, if someone is using your address and number, and whatever else.

July 7 1:14 am
Good morning, I received the same msg as well. first it was440-249-7727, then today, it was 440-249-7747. i believe its a scam. although i have no debt to be concirned of, no unpaid balances of any kind, i still gelt my credit to be in jepeordy so i put a fraud alter on my credit for this just in case. this company seems a little wierd. wave council? this is not how we work in CA.. sorry, cant fool me sir. i called the #, and a woman answers. i explain to them they obviously have the wrong person, she puts me on hold quickly, i hung up after about 30 sec to make sure they were not trying to hack my phone.

July 12 8:58 pm
kwwps calling and no one answers wtf

August 15 11:10 pm
continues to just say hey when he texts you...very annoying

July 5 9:18 am
i was sitting at my desk and someone called like 20 times from this number when i called back on my cell it was busy but i called back on my office phone i got some womens cell phone the number is from canada its 340 in las vegas where i live right now

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