Phone Listings From Area Code 804-973 State Of Virginia

  • Area Code : 804-973
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Charlottesville
  • County: Albemarle

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Latest Comments for 804-973

August 16 8:20 pm
This number just called & we did not answer. As expected, it is yet another scam. It is sad when we just have given up answering our phone due to telemarketers / scammers calling daily. Thank goodness for resources such as this website as it allows up to confirm that these calls are just a waste of time. Hope fewer people answer these calls and eventually they quit calling? Wishful thinking with outfits overseas! We are keeping some person in India employed for pennies per hour.

July 1 12:42 am
I didnt answer the call because it said unknown but I was left a voice message that stated a complaint had been filed against me, gave me a case number, and that if I didnt contact them a decision would be made within 24 hours without my knowledge of it. When I called back, a woman answered the phone, ask me if I had a case number and she transferred me. I was put on hold while I googled the number and then I hung up. I immediately received another call from 682-225-3732 which I did not answer and will ignore. This has to be a super scam, please be aware of this and thanks for the other messages left on this blog.

August 14 2:42 am
texting me when I don't want them too

July 1 8:01 pm
I received 2 phone calls from these mid westerns that you can hardly understand telling me to call them back at this number that it was a serious matter and they were from American Law Enforcement,,,,,I looked up the number and seen other people have been getting the same calls.I will not be calling them back,,,,,Thank you! SCAM!!!!!!

August 30 12:28 pm
My neighbor had this happen to her to. What kind of phone carrier does everyone have? What can be done about it?

August 26 1:58 pm
Text from (917)322-2883
Mastercard Alert. Says call (214)447-7499

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