Phone Listings From Area Code 812-268 State Of Indiana

  • Area Code : 812-268
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Frontier North, Inc. In
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Sullivan
  • County: Sullivan

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Latest Comments for 812-268

July 19 6:48 am
CLEVER GUYS? If someone says they are not interested and you keep calling, what do you think will happen? Theyll just give you the money so you stop calling? Theyre nothing but a bunch of call center rejects who dont know what the term qualified lead means. If someone says no the first two times, then move on to find someone who is dumb enough to fall for your scam. Wasting time calling more often = zero profit and time spent working for free. Inefficiency.Calling back the same number just to piss people off that tell you no the first time doesnt put the money in your pocket. Only a qualified lead does. If you add up all the minutes you spend calling NOT QUALIFIED LEADS, thats the time you spent working for free. They should to sales school, find a product people actually want and make legal comission off that calling qualified leads. For lifetime. Working for scam companies is ALWAYS temporary. They also scam everybody including their employees.

July 12 4:00 pm
No message. Unlike BoA which never calls

August 20 8:23 pm
Called looking fot carl conte

July 27 9:20 pm
I knew this was a scam from the start and had some fun with them.  I talked to John Young who told me they were with a law firm Edwards & Johnson or something like that and they were going to press charges if a loan wasn't paid immediately.  When I asked what loan they told me they could not say until it was paid.  I said to go ahead and press charges, I don't care.  He started to get aggressive telling me I better pay the money or show up in court in California tomorrow to dispute the charges.  I told him I was flying out tonight to see my cousin in California and to give me the address, I'd be happy to show up at court to clear this up.  Of course he "didn't have the address" but that we should "just settle the matter by paying the debt".  When I told him to f*ck himself he got mad and told me I would be going to jail.  I told him it would be great to go back to jail and I would maybe be in a cell with his father he got really mad.  I calmed him down and told him I could pay him but it would have to come from my change jar since that was the only money I had saved. When I told him to give me his address so I could send 400 rolls of pennies at 50 cents each he hung up.  Foreigners are so funnny.  Dooshbags.

August 29 1:19 pm
Caller ID said LOWER INTEREST. Left a message for once. Message started before Answering machine stopped talking but said this was my last chance to lower my interest rate related to "financial stimulus" RIGHT. More BS. Can't lower interest cuz I'm not interested.

August 28 5:44 am
It is a clinical research study place. All they do is use u to test lotions and stuff and u get paid. Sometimes 120.00 to 150.00 and in this economy ill test all they have

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