Phone Listings From Area Code 856-979 State Of New Jersey

  • Area Code : 856-979
  • Phone Type : Cell Phone
  • Phone Company : Sprint Spectrum L.p.
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Marlton
  • County: Burlington

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Latest Comments for 856-979

August 8 2:44 pm
They called and left no msg. I called back and it was disconnected. Wtf

August 14 6:41 am
Yes the ID thieves troll these sites and try to cast doubt. Dont answer your phone if you dont know whos calling. Look up strange numbers and report your calls here. Dont call the 800 numbers back because your call cannot be blocked. Block the number and dont speak to them. These parasites live in huts made of dung and sniff Jenkum. Look at the You Tube video I Go Chop Your Dollar. Its about the Lagos Internet thieves some europeans have disappeared after meeting with these scumbags. Theyre dangerous and will do anything. Do not talk to these scum.

July 25 4:41 pm
Their number now is 888-965-8850 and use AMPEX MEDICAL SUPPLIES to continue their and www.riveramedicalcompany.comFALCON INTERNATIONAL INDUSTRIES (primary BANK account - all profits from all their scams goes here) Ampex Medical Supplies aka Rivera Medical Company aka Allied Medical Co aka Corbin Supply aka Advanced Medical Co aka Superior Medical Co were never registered as a legit business in the state of Texas nor in California where both offices are located in.Company sells medical & latex gloves. They contact the business office at the Care Centers. They inform the business office that they are sending a shipment of free gloves for possible future procurement. The business office then receives an invoice three weeks later. On average each invoice is for $600 or more, the invoice description is: 2 boxes med vinyl powder free gloves.They do business by several names. The remit addresses are UPS Stores in Texas. This vendor is known by many names: Ampex Medical, Rivera Medical, Advanced Medical & Superior Medical these are all DBAs. The corporation name is Falcon International Industries EIN#45-5613394. Mike Allen (Michael A Dirksen) & Mike Adams (Michael A. Dirksen), Doug Bishop (Michael E Arnold) Mike Brown (Michael E Arnold). William Baxter (Michael E Arnold) make the sales calls and collection calls. They are very aggressive when trying to collect on the invoice. Theyve cursed at my Director of Nursing at three of our care centers. Doug Bishop left me a voice mail on 07/30/12 he used profanity and called me profane names. They call and scream obscenities over the phone and hang up. As I type up this complaint Ive already received three calls from Mike Allen and one voice mail.Both criminals who are operating these scams DO NOT even have a license in California nor in Texas to operate all of these business names theyve used - AMPEX MEDICAL SUPPLIES, RIVERA MEDICAL COMPANY, ALLIED MEDICAL CO, CORBIN SUPPLY, ADVANCED MEDICAL CO, SUPERIOR MEDICAL CO...which are all scams

July 20 10:56 pm
Received a letter from Investment Services Ltd addressed to my father who passed away in 1995. Mr Takumi Kobayashi should be ashamed of himself sending out scam mail like this. He should grow up and get a life.

August 29 9:54 pm
Same call, said I was being charged with theft due to a payday loan never paid back with company NetLoansUSA back in 2011. They had all my info however which was a little scary. But never got a payday loan and never did buisness with this company. Told them this sounded bogus and the women stated Id be contacted by my Attorney Generals office of my county, a county of which I dont live in either so I hung up and called back a little while later to request a copy, they put me on hold and then after 4 mins the line went dead, called back and they put me directly on hold without saying anything at all, it sounds like bull to me

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