Phone Listings From Area Code 903-566 State Of Texas

  • Area Code : 903-566
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Southwestern Bell
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Tyler
  • County: Smith

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Latest Comments for 903-566

July 17 3:35 pm
I have been getting numerous calls from this number recently. I finally did answer it. They are doing a survey supposedly for the Marine Fisheries Service of the US Govt. I pushed and got the information that the company is ICF in Martinsville Virginia. and their phone number is 276 403 9400. A little Goggling shows:ICF International - ICF International delivers consulting services and technology solutions in the energy, climate change, environment, transportation, socialICF International980 Beaver Creek Dr Martinsville, VA 24112(276) 403-9400This could easily be only one of many who are spoofing this phone number. I told them to remove me from their calling list. I do not do surveys, as the results may be used in further building the Profile which marketing companies are using and selling your information so you get more sales pitches!

July 20 8:35 pm
Scam auto warranty telemarketing call. Illegal calls from an illegitimate company.They sell WAY, WAY, WAY OVERPRICED warranties - calling from a faked / spoofed number - how will you be sure that youll be able to get warranty service by calling these baboons? They wont even give you their REAL company name when speaking with you and the 800 number they gave for their supposed customer service department comes up as a Verizon wireless number that is no longer in service. Imagine that from tele-crooks??Thats why this site is SO good!You can expose the roaches where ever they try and hide.

July 4 7:59 am
They called me, and I'm not really sure who they are.

July 22 6:29 pm
Hey did you not realize the state of the economy?  Did you not know that bad things happen to good people?  I sure hope you never have to experience the loss of income, the death of a loved one or any other tragic accident that causes people to get behind on their bills.  In fact, why are you in this forum if you too did not receive a call from this number?  I suggest unless you are that far above life and life's circumstances that you not presume everyone who owes a debt is a dead beat.  In fact, why don't you pay the debt for everyone who has been victimized from the credit crisis and pay their 30% loan shark interest rates to the credit cards that are sticking it to the good hard working American's who keep bailing out the credit card companies and banks, who continue to make lending harder and continue to spiral our financial economy into a depression!!!

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