Phone Listings From Area Code 941-324 State Of Florida

  • Area Code : 941-324
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Unknown
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Winter Haven
  • County: Polk

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Latest Comments for 941-324

July 28 2:58 pm
On any cell phone use Mr. Number to block all calls - you will never have to worry again. Its a free app on easy - but on your landline its very difficult I havent figured it out yet except to pay Verizon or buy one of those machines that block hundreds of numbers that you program into it. On Amazon they are not too expensive!

August 30 9:45 pm
I keep a log of times, dates,phone numbers, even my own recordings. After 2 months of documentation of the chronic, I gave the list to my attorney. We will seek my time, that they have interrupted insistently, aggravated harassment for multiple calls from same number and or company, failure to follow through with, Do Not Call registry(which I have THEIR promise to do,) as well as calling before and after hours. This list of company names, phone numbers, etc. will be sent to the States Attorney Generals office, as well. A little patience on my behalf for the last couple of months will prevail, in this case. I implore each person here, to do like wise in your own situations.

August 10 9:58 pm
Wells fargo bank card services. I hung up.

July 18 12:53 am
Same here... Got this message like now! I'm from montreal too. Where have you been guys? I thought I was the only one... And I think someone sold our number out!!

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