Phone Listings From Area Code 989-684 State Of Michigan

  • Area Code : 989-684
  • Phone Type : Landline
  • Phone Company : Ameritech Michigan
  • Country: USA - United States
  • City: Bay City
  • County: Bay

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Latest Comments for 989-684

July 10 12:16 am
i just want everybody to know that this safeline alert crap is a big fat scam! why? well i worked for them, they paid good, and i quit within the first three days! Not only do they LIE and STEAL money from poor seniors, but theyre also big pieces of s**ts to work with. whatever you do, DONT EVER EVER EVER sign up for this bogus system. its fake! it doesnt exist! i promise you that! after figuring out and doing more research about it i found out that it is a big scam. i felt so bad for the poor old people i was talking to everyday trying to talk their money with this horrible scam. after figuring out what was going on i immediately quit that job! i really wish and hope that the law can shut down these scams and stop making these poor seniors pay for nothing every month. whenever they do call you guys again please curse them out for me and ask them how it feels to sleep at night knowing theyre stealing money from people! EVERYONE PLEASE DONT EVER SIGN UP TO THIS BOGUS CRAP WITHOUT KNOWING FOR SURE THAT IT IS REAL! ALSO NEVER GIVE OUT YOUR INFORMATION ONLINE, AND ESPECIALLY OVER THE PHONE OR TO ANY COMPANY YOUVE NEVER HEARD OF!! PLEASE! :) HAVE A GREAT DAY! also they wont stop calling you, they cant put people on the DNC list, they say they will, but they wont!

July 2 3:42 pm
Then you wont mind posting up their verifiable street address and website, if any. Why would anyone donate over the phone to someone who cant even send information in the mail?

August 23 8:48 am
ugh he urks my damn.nerves

August 2 10:43 pm
A group of people pretending to be Bankers Life and Casualty prowl job websites like and obtain contact information for anyone and everyone no matter their expertise or profession. A woman named Kelly Norman (I think, she has a heavy Spanish accent) from Bankers Life and Casualty has been constantly calling me on my cell phone saying how they have career opportunities to offer me (even though my expertise is far from Insurance). This is a well known scam for people to pose as insurance companies and this particular one is in Hagerstown, MD. She is calling from a number in Oakland, MD and is (240) 212-0304.

August 16 4:44 pm
This limo company called me to verify my itinerary for the series of conferences I am attending in Los Angeles. They were making sure to be able to pick me up on time for my meetings. Very Impressive. Here is their information.

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